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The First Step To Planning Your Wedding

The first rule of planning is that there are no rules!!!

This is your day, and whatever you want goes - the most important factor is that the day wholly belongs to you, the couple.

What we enjoy most about wedding planning today is that each couple sets their own trends & takes ownership of their own day. We are just in place to make sure it all happens perfectly, and that is what we are exceptional at!

It is your specific dream for this day that we will emulate and the first step in interpreting these special wishes is to set up a clear line of communication. We find the most convenient way of doing so is via e-mail. This allows us to provide detailed descriptions of the various locations offered and also enables us to send pictures of, for example, flower designs. In this way you, the prospective couple, can get a really clear idea of what is offered and the details can be finalized from there.

We are dedicated to providing suppliers, resources and information networking to same sex couples.

A consultation via the telephone or meeting you will allow us to assess your individual preferences fore your dream day. Recommendations will then be made followed by a proposal and a suggested wedding budget. On acceptance of the next step, we will work closely to plan and co-ordinate your special day. Our continued liaison with the venue and all the other suppliers guarantees peace of mind to the couple .